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I had the pleasure of spending the weekend as Cretins Cattles guest at the Rockabilly Riot festival in Carson City NV this past weekend.
We started Jammin’ a little on some consensual Vintage music (I must admit I struggle with the REAL country tunes). Route 66, All of me, Darktown Strutters Ball, Five foot Two, J’Attendre (my favorite ☺️). I must say our musical approaches really blended nicely. Therefore, we have decided to make more music together.

Thanks to Perry? for letting me tag along, and Sebastian for recognizing my potential and Jeff for banging on those drums! Also Brittny for the lovely conversations and laughs.

On this trip I had a revelation: each person in a band has their talent and gifts, but they couldn’t do it without each other. And most important, where would they be without their entourage? Having the comforting support of a spouse or girlfriend watching from the audience, congratulating you for a great set, hob-knobbin’ by your side while you’re rubbin’ elbows. That’s priceless. Not only does Cretins Cattle have that, but they have the greatest gift of all: a Scotty.

Scotty is the essential member of the team who spends his time behind the scenes, checking on schedules, hunting down proprietors with questions passed along from the band. He keeps the beer cooler filled, he dresses to impress and represent his Band, he finds out where to be when, and he puts out fires that the band may never even be aware of. Thanks Scotty, you are the reason for my revelation. You’re job seems grueling, you may not always feel 100% appreciated, the boys may even ignore your prodding when they are deep into a musical dialogue (or a riveting dialogue of who has the best hair), and I think you know that it comes with the territory. F$@king artists right?

Your band appreciates you more than you know, and I’m so grateful to you for taking care of them. One day I hope to have a Scotty of my own. I can’t imagine a quicker way to reach success.
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Thanks ???

P.S. The recording is just the boys practicing before their gig. The BOOMING sound you hear is the drag race happening near us. Basically, this is the ambiance of the Rockabilly Riot.

​See you next year!!