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I’ve been learning Take 5 for a WHiLE now.

Like an old box of contents from the “everything drawer”, I’ve been avoiding the Chorus section. There are so many notes!! And so many different fingers to use for this part, and that part, and this slide, and that string ??????┬ábut instead of crying about it (on the inside of course) I decided to take the first step and learn the first couple notes. I began recording, and I was playing FOREVER feeling Really good about my resilience, I had already began recording and as I’m about ready to finish with my killer practice session, I looked down and saw the recording timer. 002:32.00. WHAT?! ? I felt so comfortable with those first few notes, I couldn’t have only been playing it that long!
And I have so much more practice to do to reach my minimal 30 min practice!

After recording a bit longer, I didn’t look at the timer again until I felt like I’d done good foundational work for the day. I was surprised again that it was 10 minutes.

Conclusion: it’s HOW you practice that counts, not how long????