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Every year I get so excited for July to make its way around my calendar. Camping, world music, new sights, sounds, and experiences all waiting for me at the California Worldfest!

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a ukulele workshop thru Uke University for 5 years in a row and I’m so thrilled with the success of my class. We had so many people attend the class this year that they had to sit on each others laps! (Just kidding, it’s not THAT kind of festival!)

To all my students who have chosen my workshop, thank you so much for making my experience wonderful year after year! When I challenged you and pushed you out of your comfort zone, you pulled yourself up by your Uke-straps and set to the task!
On this last go-around, Girl from Ipanema sounded so good, I felt like we were playing on the beach in Brazil…..so smooth….so serene. We even had a few listeners find a shady spot on the grass near us and enjoy the ambience. Nice job everyone!

I would also like to say a special Thank You to my handsome assistant Perry Stauffer. Not only is he so good looking AND an excellent bass player, he went above and beyond to help answer questions and make everyone feel welcome into our musical world. He gave my workshop that extra special element. Thanks for keeping us in time and for making us ALL sound so good Perry!

As promised, here’s the info to help you along your journey:

Girl from Ipanema teaching videos by Dani Joy

Helpful app: iReal Pro
Tutorial: https://youtu.be/NNFPbaXqtlI

Blog post w/ audio clip of Take 5 10 min practice

Thanks again for another amazing year.

If you’re interested in attending another workshop of mine, keep a weathered eye on your email for when I’m in your town!

Dani Joy