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I finally have found the words to describe what I do. Thank you NAMM!!

For full article visit: https://www.nammfoundation.org/educator-tips/supporting-music-education-choose-teach

“The information that follows will assist you and your students in making an informed choice. Becoming a music teacher can be an extremely rewarding and challenging career. If you love to make music and enjoy working with others, there is no better way to convey that passion than by sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm as a professional music educator.

What Does a Music Teacher Do?

  • teach classes
  • share their love of music with students and other teachers
  • prepare lesson plans
  • develop curriculum
  • assess and evaluate student progress
  • share student progress with parents, fellow teachers and school administrators
  • prepare and perform concerts
  • develop course content based on local, state and national content standards
  • ensure success for all students while respecting their various interests, abilities and cultural backgrounds
  • use motivation and positive reinforcement as effective classroom-management tools
  • model professionalism in all aspects of the profession
  • demonstrate ultimate responsibility for resources, including
  • time
  • money
  • facilities
  • equipment
  • transportation
  • people
  • communicate with all parties on a regular basis
  • lead with enthusiasm

What Do I Have to Know to Be Able to Teach Music?

  • Understand pedagogy: The techniques of teaching choral, instrumental and classroom music at all levels—elementary school, middle school and high school
  • Demonstrate an accomplished level of musicianship: Mastery of your instrument, conducting, sight reading, singing and studying a score
  • Develop effective time management, organization, communication and facilitation skills
  • Advocate for music education: Learn why music is important for all children and how being involved with music contributes to brain development of young children and enhanced student achievement
  • Show compassion: A music educator must be exceedingly sensitive to all student needs
  • Maintain high expectations: Focus on achievement and motivate students to meet established goals successfully.”