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Dani Joy Duo Tour 2017

Pre-Tour: House concert Gig with Holli in Loomis.

What a great way to kick-off our adventures! Holli is an exceptional host, her home is gorgeous; country home with pool, green grass fields, meticulous vegi garden & fruit trees, a pond, chickens and deer ?! It was so great to see so many familiar faces, some of my favorite people, sitting together on the shady back porch. Giorgi joined Perry and I for this one, and I think the 3 of us really have something special. The audience was full of people who’ve basically seen me grow up. From my first open mic at Northridge Music (I sang Yer Blues & was too shy to sing another. Ah, youth), thru all the months and months of Strum Shop Ukulele Club, Gingers Open Mic Monday’s, Dani Joy & the Boys, and now the Dani Joy Trio. Their feedback has been invaluable and their compliments mean even more. They remind me of how far I’ve come and, tho I continue to learn, they remind me to appreciate where I am right now. Onward and upward, smiling as I go!!


Day 1: Dropped off Toby & Modesto gig

Toby is spending time at Bob Fitchettes beautiful home in Rescue Ca for this trip. It’s a beautiful space out in the country, very quiet just the way Toby likes it. Sunny, Bobs sister, will comfort Toby and he’ll comfort her, since she recently lost her long-time puppy companion. I let Toby know it’s his job to stay behind and be strong for Sunny. He assured me he knew just what kind of snuggles to give while I’m away. He also promised he’d save some snuggling for me.

Perry and I took the back roads from Placerville to Modesto. Mind blown. Beautiful drive. Charming city, Modesto. Lorrie & her group are some of the most delightful strummers I’ve met. They work hard, and Lorrie pushes them to be better by adding picking solos and fun chord changes. Reminds me of my Dad.

The event was wonderful, the Fun strummers played, then the Sunshine Coconuts ? (thanks again for playing my favorite song!), then we enjoyed potluck-style cookies and treats before I taught Summertime and Perry and I gave a cute concert.

Staying with Lorrie in her beautiful home finished out our time in Modesto. She and I had a great, mind-opening conversation about Luongo’s approach to teaching (#luongoexperience) and our own. It was wonderful!



Day 2: Camping at Lake Castaic at the base of the grape vine.

Perry has taken care of everything. He’s so loving, he anticipates my every need even before I know I want it. He’s AMAZING!

He even writes my blogs for me sometimes when I don’t know it. PERRY! WHERES MY PHONE?!


Day 3: Day off in LA

Perrys brother George and sister-in-law Christine are kind enough to put us up when we come to LA.

I spent some time rehearsing the songs I’m doing as a duet with Ralph Shaw & Mark Baker. Gosh, I hope I remember my lines! (Truthfully I began practicing these songs months ago, you got this Dani, you got this!)

We attended a nice wine-tasting in a co-op, then Perry and I shared a burger at the Cannibal; beer & butchery. They assured me we were having the ribeye burger. Then why was there a toe in it?



Day 4: Day off in LA

So far today I’ve walked to Starbucks for coffee & sandwiches, and I typed some more of this blog…today I plan to meet Nicolas for lunch (my Rose-colored-glasses Ami du Paris) & more rehearsing with Perry.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a wonderful day too!