Inspirational VideosHappy New Year everybody! May all of your goals be met and many of your dreams realized in the coming year.Warmly,Dani Joy 
 1. Fred Armisen (Portlandia) Tells jokes that only musicians think are funny 🙂 

2. How to Read Sheet Music; written by a 12 year old. 

3. Musician Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty ft. Jacob Collier & Herbie Hancock | WIRED- WATCH THIS ONE!!! 

4. Holistic Songwriting: How Radiohead Writes A Chord Progression | The Artists Series S2E1- This guy explains things very clearly and with visuals. I am DEFINATELY watching more of his videos. 

5. Dr. Heather Hunt DC & pilates instructor Wendi August (both of Grass Valley), explain common troubles with the human spine and offer invaluable exercises for strengthening muscles, preventing damage,  and improving posture. 

6. TEDTalk: The Power of Introverts
I’m adding this one because a few years ago a couple of wonderful friends on Facebook started talking opening about their struggles as an introvert. I checked and it turns out I am one! INFJ to be exact (Meyer/Briggs). Now that I’ve been able to recognize this personality trait as a strength (instead of a flaw) I am able to communicate my needs more clearly, feel better about my reactions, and advocate for my much needed “recharging” quiet time alone. 7. TEDTalk: How to make Stress your friend  
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