Hello you Beautiful Ukulele Music Makers!

Today I am focusing my “inspiration” on two fantastic entertainers/instructors; Gerald Ross and Stu Fuchs. If you ever get a chance to see them in person, don’t miss it! 
At the end of the list is the famed “4 Chord Song” video and a yoga video to help with sciatica pain.
Dani Joy

  1. Gerald Ross: All of Me 

This man has the most amazing rhythm throughout his songs. He has two albums that I just adore, “Absolute Uke” and “Swing Uke”. I recommend purchasing them. You can catch him at this year’s Reno Ukulele Festival at the Peppermill May 1st. 

  1. Gerald Ross: Wave

I recommend subscribing to his channel.

  1. Gerald Ross: Nuages

This is one I just learned about last Sunday a the Gypsy Jazz Jam I’ve been attending in Nevada City, Ca. Just beautiful.

  1. Gerald Ross: Under Paris Skies

This one is definitely my favorite.

  1. Stu Fuchs: Rebel Rebel ukulele tutorial

This guy is another favorite. I love his teaching style and in person he has a very real, genuinely compassionate personality. Don’t forget to subscribe, he’s got a lot of videos. 

  1. Stu Fuchs: Jazz Ukulele chord progression
  1. Stu Fuchs: Ask Stu #16: Gypsy Jazz Strum
  1. 4 Chord Song: Axis of Awesome

I tell my intro students every month about this one, so I may as well include it so it’s easy to find. This Australian band does a mashup of 48 different songs in 6 minutes using the same four chords.

  1. Yoga with Adrienne: Sciatica relief

I love this girl! She’s got a whole channel on different yoga techniques. She’s charming and informative. 


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