Automatic payment option for Private Students of Dani Joy Music. You will be billed each month on the date that you set up the auto-payment.

Please make a note in your calendar. 

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Beginning May 2021, Dani Joy Music’s policy is as follows;

  1. Each private student can reserve their designated weekly time slot for the month in the week preceding the first of the month.
  2. Tuition is a flat fee of $100 per month, which includes 2 hours of private lesson learning (with the exception of students who are scheduled on a by-weekly/once-a-month basis).
  3. All students who wish to continue will be placed on automatic payment system or, as is the case with a few, several months can be purchased ahead of time with a check by mail.
  4. I am unable to offer makeup lessons for missed time as my schedule simply won’t allow it.
  5. We will not be meeting on the 5th week of each month.
  6. I would whole heartedly appreciate if you could notify me of lessons you plan to  miss before the day of class, although I understand that sometimes it cannot be helped.
  7. If you would like to discontinue lessons in the future, please notify me before your automatic payment is processed.

I will pledge to you that I will offer refunds on major holidays (Thanksgiving/ Christmas) as well as lessons missed for my personal trips/sick days and I will give you several weeks notice whenever possible.

Thank you,

Let me know if you have questions,

Dani Joy