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Thursdays @7pm pst in August 2020 


Tired of that hum-drum-strum? It’s time to switch it up! Let me introduce you to your bass. If you’re like most ukulele players with UAS, you have a ukulele bass and haven’t “messed around” with it yet. The time has arrived. You’re welcome 😀

In this introductory class I am going to help you two get to know each other; how to hold the bass, how to strike the strings for best tone, how to maintain correct posture while playing a groove. We will start with something really fun and groovin’ right off, then dive into blues chords a little bit. Since we have such busy lives these days, even during this pandemic, I am going to keep the material nice, easy and fun this first month. Let’s get our groove on! -Dani Joy   

Prerequisites: Simply a willingness to learn. This class is for the absolute beginner. 

Note: I (Dani Joy) am looking at music in a whole new way since playing around on the bass. I can see how this instrument will even make me a better ukulele player. The mechanical movements are totally different, allowing my hands and arms to relax in a way that’s different than chord playing/strumming. 

What: Online Group Ukulele Class via Zoom

 When: Thursdays at 7pm in August (6, 13, 20, 27)

 Where: On the Zoom app (very very simple, just follow the link I send you after you purchase your ticket) 

Who: YOU & anyone who wants to learn to play the blues on ukulele. 

 Cost: $60/mo (includes 4 recorded one-hour lessons) 

Bass 101 Introductory Class

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