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Join a community of ukulele students who meet online through the simple-to-use online Zoom conferencing app. Here Dani Joy will guide you through the learning of music with a LIVE video which is then recorded and sent to participants as an archive option for further study. It’s fun and easy! Join my email list below for more info.

Class options: 

Chord/Melody Solo Class: Mondays @5pm – $60/mo 

Songwriting Group: Mondays @ 7pm- Free

Blues Vocab (ukulele): Tuesdays @ 7pm – $60/mo

Perry’s Jazz improv class (ukulele): Wednesdays @ 7pm – $60/mo  

Bass 101 Class: Thursdays @ 7pm 

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With your monthly subscription you will automatically be added to every class, receiving email instructions, pdf’s, recap emails, and video references for each.

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“I’m enjoying Perry’s class and learning a lot.  As I mentioned tonight, I am a visual person as well and I thought that last week’s pdf’s were wonderful and served as an excellent reference for my practice.  I liked your suggestions tonight about taking Perry’s concepts and writing them out for other tunes. Thank you and Perry for all of your encouragement, support and knowledge that you share with us. You and Perry do such a wonderful service for the uke community. “

Rodrigo Sanchez

New Mexico, USA

“Lessons from Perry are cool.  He’s patient and kind and skilled.  Most important, the cat can really play.”

Bob Jenkins

Auburn, Ca USA

Perry Stauffer’s  is an accomplished jazz ukulele musician who can teach you the “secrets” of jazz improvisation.  If you are ready to take your ukulele playing to a new level, Perry’s “Advanced Jazz Improv” lessons are a must.

I just finished Perry’s online “Advanced Jazz Improv” lessons and I was quite impressed with Perry’s teaching style and the quality of his teaching.  He packs a lot of content in each lesson and provides follow-up PDFs of what he teaches.  The PDFs are wonderful references and I don’t have to worry about trying to take notes while he’s teaching.  I can just concentrate on learning.

Perry makes his lessons fun and teaches the advanced jazz concepts in a clear and easy to understand manner.  Not only does he teach various jazz licks and riffs, but also the understanding on how and why to construct your own advanced jazz lines.

For anyone interested in jazz and wants to get a thorough understanding of jazz improv, I highly recommend Perry’s online “Advance Jazz Improv” lessons.

Bill Zombeck

New Mexico, USA