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An imaginative Ukulele Retreat filled with music, artist tours, self-expression, laughter and relaxation.

Forget about the apocalypse for a while. Let’s take a trip together… into our imaginations…

 Glamp-out 2020 is a weekend-long retreat guided by some of the most joyful, incredible artists from the ukulele world; Daniel Ho, Victoria Vox, and Dani Joy.  

 Each particiapant is invited to:  

1. Create a Glamp-site in your home to share with other participants. You could win a prize at the competition!
* Drag out those Christmas lights and thumb tacks, hang a sheet, pop a tent, express yourself! 

 2. Open Mic/Show & Tell: Prepare a song to share with fellow Glampers and/or pick an item that’s precious to you and tell us about it! 

 3. Mind & Body: Release your stress with Dani Joy each morning and treat yourself to a stretch and a smile.

You may benefit from attending the Power Breakfast Cook-Along Tutorial, where Dani will show you her favorite Empowering breakfast recipe LIVE in the kitchen Sat morning! 

 4. Artist Tours: You are invited to see inside Daniel Ho’s recording studio, see how Victoria presses her Ukulele Panties, and experience Dani Joy’s illustration process. We will stop by Pepe Jr’s Glamp-site at Romero Creations to see what’s fresh, along with a trip into Ohana Ukulele’s factory Glamp-space curated by the creative (sometimes Aqua Marine) Stephanie.


What are you waiting for?!

Get your tickets today! 
*40 camp site max. 
*Tickets are for a “Glamp-site” space (incl. Zoom access to all events). You can have as many people in your physical space as you wish for one ticket price. 


Dani Joy’s Virtual Glamp-out 2020

$50 (Good for one camp site location)

*you can have as many people in your physical camp-site as you wish. Please consider Covid when planning event and keep camp-site attendees to persons living in the household.

Glamp-out Schedule

Friday, Oct 23

5pm: Glamp-Hop Cocktail Hour

Introduce us to your Home-Away-from-Home. Does it have a theme? A name? Does it come with a matching cocktail? Dazzle us with your Glamping creativity! 

6pm: Open Mic 

Sign up to strut your stuff at the open mic! Positioned strategically after our Cocktail Hour, this hour is for YOU! Be a shining star and show us those licks and melodies you’ve been working on!

7pm: Spooky Campfire story “The Ridiculous Death of a French musician & other unbelievable stories”  (Dani Joy) 

Scary Camp Stories are a must-have staple of any fun camp-out. Hold tight to your Blanky as master story teller Dani Joy spins a dark tale of musical curiosities from the shadows. 

7:30pm: Concert


8am: Gentle Morning Yoga (Dani Joy)

Breathing once again, together as a team, to awaken the morning and the dawning of our 3rd day of Ukulele Retreat, feeling refreshed and prepared to finish our weekend together.

10-10:45am: Ukulele Lesson (Victoria)

All Levels

Description to follow…

10:45am: Artist Tour Q & A (Victoria)

From stickers to albums to Vox branded panties, there’s sure to be a lot of laughter and silliness in this art studio tour with Victoria Vox.

11am: Glamp-Off Awards/ Finale Raffle

Awards and Raffle, laughs and fun, exchange addresses with your new best friends and Bon Voyage, back to the real world!


Dani Joy’s Virtual Glamp-out 2020

$50 (Good for one camp site location)

*you can have as many people in your physical camp-site as you wish. Please consider Covid when planning event and keep camp-site attendees to persons living in the household.

Saturday, Oct 24


7:30-8am: Gentle Morning Yoga (Dani Joy) 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Begin your day with a simple, gentle 30 min yoga session to open your lungs, quiet your mind and check in with your body. 

8-8:30am: Power Breakfast Cook-along (Dani Joy)

Power up for the day with this simple breakfast tutorial. Learn a simple/variable recipe that is sure to get your mind active, your body fueled, and your emotions ready for a day of fun!

9:30-10A: Welcome Meeting 

Hear all about the upcoming day’s events, ask questions, generally check-in before our first lesson. 

10-10:45am: Music Lesson “Musical Dice Composition” (Daniel Ho)

All Levels

For the first time ever, Daniel Ho will teach his prized compositional techniques while taking a chance with musical dice. Watch as he transforms randomly generated notes into an exceptional composition. 

10:45-11:15am: Artist Tour Q&A (Daniel Ho)

Take this special behind-the-scenes tour with Daniel and see where the magic is made at Daniel Ho Creations.

11:30-11:50am: Romero Glamp-site Check-in/Tour

Master luthier Pepe Romero Jr. has invited us to his families camping van in Oceanside Ca to tell us about his latest adventures in hand-creating and designing the Romero Creations line of instruments. 

12-1pm: Ukulele Lesson (Perry Stauffer) 

Enrich your musical repertoire by learning Perry’s method of study.

1pm: Lunch/ Glampers Show-and-Tell

Show us something interesting about you! Bring one item to show your new friends and let us learn something about each other (non-music related too.) 

2-2:45pm: Ukulele Lesson  “How to Get Lost in the Music” (Dani Joy) 

All Levels 

Sway and groove for 45 min with Dani Joy as she teaches you how to cast a spell through your music. 

2:45-3:15pm: Artist Tour Q & A (Dani Joy)

Get a sneak peak into Dani’s illustrative project Drop in my Flower. She’ll show you around the art studio/music room, share personal tips on staying focused, experimenting and having fun with the ever-evolving expression of self we all share.

3:30pm: Ohana Glamp-site checkin

See what’s happening at Ohana Ukuleles in So. Cal. Ukulele design extraordinaire Stephanie will invite you into Ohana’s Glamp-space and fill you in on the goings-on of the company, including new ukulele models! 

6pm: “Opening Act” Open Mic 

More opportunities for you the Glamper to shine! Bring your A game and sing/play/whistle us a song before the big show! (Signups begin Friday night) 

7pm: Artist Concert

Three acts, Five artists, Musical bliss; 

Dani Joy & Perry Stauffer

Jack & the Vox

Daniel Ho