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An imaginative Ukulele Retreat filled with music, artist tours, self-expression, laughter and relaxation.

Forget about the apocalypse for a while. Let’s take a trip together… into our imaginations…

 Glamp-out 2021 is a weekend-long retreat guided by some of the most joyful, incredible artists from the ukulele world; Daniel Ho, Victoria Vox, and Dani Joy.  

Each particiapant is invited to:  

1. Create a Glamp-site in your home to share with other participants. You could win a prize at the competition!
* Drag out those Christmas lights and thumb tacks, hang a sheet, pop a tent, express yourself! 

2. Open Mic/Show & Tell: Prepare a song to share with fellow Glampers and/or pick an item that’s precious to you and tell us about it! 

3. Mind & Body: Release your stress with Dani Joy each morning and treat yourself to a stretch and a smile.

You may benefit from attending the Power Breakfast Cook-Along Tutorial, where Dani will show you her favorite Empowering breakfast recipe LIVE in the kitchen Sat morning! 

4. Artist Tours: You are invited to see inside Daniel Ho’s recording studio, see how Victoria presses her Ukulele Panties, and experience Dani Joy’s illustration process. We will stop by Pepe Jr’s Glamp-site at Romero Creations to see what’s fresh, along with a trip into Ohana Ukulele’s factory Glamp-space curated by the creative (sometimes Aqua Marine) Stephanie.


What are you waiting for?!

Get your tickets today! 
*60 camp site max. 
*Tickets are for a “Glamp-site” space (incl. Zoom access to all events). You can have as many people in your physical space as you wish for one ticket price. 


Dani Joy’s Virtual Glamp-out 2021

Early Bird: $50 (Good for one camp site location)

*you can have as many people in your physical camp-site as you wish. Please consider Covid when planning event and keep camp-site attendees to persons living in the household.

Looking back at Glampout 2020

Glamp-out Schedule


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Purchased tickets support the Survivor Girl Ukulele Band, Kolkata India

For each dollar you spend suporting the Survivor Girl Ukulele Band, your name will be added into a hat for the Punch House Raffle! 

Raffle Tickets

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“I believe music can be a powerful tool in restoring wholeness and building hope for a better future. Friends and family and kind strangers from around the world send their love to the girls, and the ukulele is fabulous little vehicle to deliver that love. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work with these girls and give them the gift of music.

They love to learn how to play their favorite bollywood hits, but soon they will learn how to write their owns songs and find their own voice — and write the soundtrack for the movie of their own lives. It’s my hope and prayer that the time we share together and the skills they have gained in learning to make music with the ukulele will have dividends of joy and fun and hope and healing for years and years to come.”

-Laurie Kallevig, Founder of SGUB

SGUB Friendship Ukulele Headstock Bracelet $20

100% of proceeds go to benefit the Survivor Girl Ukulele Band

Great Gift idea!

Purchase Headstock Friendship Bracelet Here

Glamp-out Artist Virtual Tip jar

If you’d like to show your appreciation with a tip, you can choose from the following options. 

All Tips collected will be split evening among the artists. 

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