Learning music with Dani Joy has never been so easy with the new online learning options whether it’s private lessons, group class or Patreon Club member.

Group Classes Online: Choose this option if you enjoy feeding off the energy of others in a community based setting. Zoom lessons are even recorded for further at-home study.


See list of classes in the Pop-out menu attached to the “Learn Ukulele” Tab at the top of the page.

Patreon Club Member: Patreon is an online social platform where artists can interact with their fans with exclusive content in exchange for a monthly donation. My Patrons are given a catalogue of 40+ jazz ukulele tutorials (PDF’s of varying levels included) and meet every Saturday morning for an online Jazz Jam via Zoom. They also receive insights into life as an artist, songwriting tips, travel insights and personal blog info. More info about Patreon here

Private lessons via Zoom: Want to learn one-on-one? In private lessons I get to go in a bit deeper with individual students, crafting the content to fit your needs/vision for your personal musical journey. Come with a plan or no plan at all and I’ll help guide your specific path.

Private Ukulele Lessons Monthly Subscription 

Monthly Subscription includes 4 half hour lessons in a month, one lesson per week, or an alternate schedule arrangment made by Dani Joy & student. 


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