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Rhythm in a Pinch 

Same ol’ strums makin’ you glum? It’s time for the Pinch! Celebrate the sweet, gentle soul of the ukulele with this right-handed rhythmic technique. Not quite a strum, not quite finger-picking, but always just right. This makes a good pre-cursor to the “Chord Fragments” class. 

Adv: Chord Fragments

Chord Fragments; what are they? Why are they valuable and how do you use them? Learn how to utilize chord fragments as the building blocks for creating your own chord melodies.

ADV: Building a Duet – Dani Joy & Perry Stauffer

Dani Joy and Perry Stauffer will show you various ways to make two ukuleles greater than the sum or their parts.  Learn a chord melody, a finger-style compliment, and, most important, how to blend the two gracefully. 

BARITONE UKE Integrations

Learn tips, tricks, and licks for playing alone and also how to more easily integrate playing a bari with GCEA ukes. 

Ukulele Bass 101

So you’ve got a bass ukulele, now what? In this introductory class learn about “ones and fives”,  and how to link them together with chromatic approach notes (it’s easier than it sounds). Soon you’ll be jamming in your club with confidence! 

Ukulele Bass 102

So now you understand “ones and fives”,  and are ready to take your playing a step further. This class outlines how to link chords and lead your group using “walking bass lines”.