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Romero Creations ST Concert Ukuleles

“ST” stands for Soprano and Tenor.  The ST Concert combines the length of a soprano, the body of a tenor, and the scale of a concert ‘ukulele.  

Romero Creations ST Concert “Polyhymnia” Koa w/ case (#9048) $863.99 (incl. tax & shipping)



Romero Creations STL Concert “Spirit Animal” ukulele w/ case (Mahogany Laminate) $174.99 (incl. tax & shipping)

The only all-laminate instrument offered in the Romero Creations line. An innovative, world-class design that combines maximum portability, playability, sound, and value. STLC stands for Soprano Tenor Laminate Concert, so you get the convenient size of the soprano with the robust sound of a tenor.