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“Songwriting and performing are my art, and I consider teaching others to express themselves through music to be a passion.” Dani Joy

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Dani’s new EP is now available! Drop in my Flower is a collection of 6 original songs co-written with Grammy artist Daniel Ho. These compositions are illustrative, poetic and deeply compelling. Drawing from her life’s unexpected journey, Dani weaves together vibrant imagery of lazy South African days through her lyrics in Rhino Clouds. She’ll draw you deep into your psyche with Strange World, let you laugh and play with the harmony ribbons in Pineapple Mango (Daniel Ho/ Amy Ku’uleialoha Stillman), and allow you to access the beautiful pain of loss with her in Nobody Else (Daniel Ho/ Corwin Here). Sail along on a spontaneous adventure with Drop in my Flower, and allow your inner child to be cradled in the velvety softness of Darling Dream. 
The delicate ukulele fingerpicking is perfectly interwoven with the Color Sounds of Daniel Ho’s sparkling piano. The ukulele bass remains playful throughout, even mimicking a stubborn rhino over the lyric, bringing to life the story. Take yourself on an adventure, get your copy today. 

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Learning online has never been easier! Now that we are all sheltered in place for the time being, and unforeseeable future, now is the perfect time to join a community of ukulele players online who wish to further their musical knowledge and skill. 

I teach a class every week called Beyond Basics. Each month the class starts over with a new topic.

May’s topic is: “Beyond Blues Intro’s & Outros”