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Romero Creations Tiny Tenor Ukuleles

Conceptualized by GRAMMY® Award winning ‘ukulele virtuoso Daniel Ho and master luthier Pepe Romero, the Tiny Tenor is a tenor scale ‘ukulele built to the length of a concert ‘ukulelemaximizing portability without compromising sound.

  • Designed by Pepe Romero

  • Handcrafted, all solid wood

  • 17” tenor length scale

  • 14 frets to the body

  • Fits in a concert ukulele case

  • Easy access to all frets

  • Powerful, crisp tone

  • High quality 16:1 tuners

  • Ebony fingerboard

  • Ebony bridge

  • Ebony tuner buttons (hand made)

  • Daniel Ho logo

    ★ Comes with a Romero Creations soft shell, eco-friendly case made by Access. “It is light, comfortable, and durable. I’ve been using it for seven years and it is in perfect condition.” ~ Daniel Ho


Romero Creations “Fawn” Tiny Tenor Koa ukulele w/ case (#9064) $863.99 +tax & shipping (contact me to save $25)


Romero Creations Tiny Tenor “Trinity” Koa Ukulele w/ case (#9077) $863.99 (incl. tax & shipping) Message me to save $25



Romero Creations Tiny Tenor “Clio” Koa ukulele w/ case (#9054) $863.99 +tax & shipping (contact me to save $25) 


Romero Creations Signature Ukulele 

Master luthier Pepe Romero handcrafts custom instruments for players and collectors around the world. The Signature Romero Tenor (formerly known as The Replica) is a production replica of his custom tenor ‘ukulele. (Ukulele will be called “Replica” in the check out) 

Romero Creations Romero Signature “Sakura” Spalted Mango ukulele w/ case  $1,121.99 (incl. tax & shipping) 

Romero Creations ST Concert Ukuleles

“ST” stands for Soprano and Tenor.  The ST Concert combines the length of a soprano, the body of a tenor, and the scale of a concert ‘ukulele.  

Romero Creations ST Concert “Polyhymnia” Koa w/ case (#9048) $863.99 (incl. tax & shipping)



Romero Creations STL Concert “Spirit Animal” ukulele w/ case (Mahogany Laminate) $174.99 (incl. tax & shipping)

The only all-laminate instrument offered in the Romero Creations line. An innovative, world-class design that combines maximum portability, playability, sound, and value. STLC stands for Soprano Tenor Laminate Concert, so you get the convenient size of the soprano with the robust sound of a tenor. 



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