Dani Joy teaches weekly LIVE zoom classes at the Starlight Ukulele Academy, an online school for adult learners. Along with her partner Perry Stauffer, Starlight Ukulele Academy offers 5 LIVE Zoom classes per week.

Topics include: 

Mondays: FIngerstyle Ukulele

Tuesday: Roots Ukulele (Blues/Jazz pre 1960)

Wednesdays: Modern Ukulele (Post 1960) 

Thursdays: Beginner Ukulele 

Thursdays: Bass Class 

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If Norah Jones became a Disney princess, her name would be Dani Joy. 

Dani Joy is a performing musical artist of Romero Creations who is best known for her ability to weave her crooning alto vocals together with complex campanella fingerpicking accompaniment through original music. For nearly a decade she has been entrancing audiences across the globe, inviting them in with her velvet vocals and compassionate style of teaching. 

She is currently illustrating the songs from her 2020 album of original songs that she made in partnership with world-music Grammy artist Daniel Ho, titled “Drop In My Flower” available here.


Dani Joy graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010 with a Bachelors degree in Illustration. Her favorite topic is character design and her favorite medium is watercolor & ink. She has currently created 4 of 6 large paintings which depict the lyrics of the songs she co-wrote on album Drop in my Flower.  She plans to do a gallery show where the audience will be surrounded by the artwork of the music while being enveloped in the LIVE instrumentation of the original songs, creating a curiously immersive experience. 

Artwork will be available soon on this website.....


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