May 2023

Inflamation Much? Simple Tools for Change

I've been caught up in this health research since I deal with so much inflamation. 

"Inflammation is a normal part of the body's defense to injury or infection, and, in this way, it is beneficial. But inflammation is damaging when it occurs in healthy tissues or lasts too long. Known as chronic inflammation, it may persist for months or years." 

I struggle with relinquishing my relationship with sugar and unhealthy foods. But I find that the more I know about how the body works, down to a cellular level, I am able to recognize just how important every bite is, even the order of food I eat.  

I'm attaching a couple of videos which were eye openers for me. These people really go into great detail about what our body needs (did you know you have 4-5 lbs of good bacteria in your gut?? And that's if you're lucky!)  

Here are my key take aways which I am implementing into my daily practice:  

1. Vinegar!!!!

More vinegar. I'm doing the teaspoon in 8 oz water before each meal. The acid keeps the contents of your stomach in your stomach longer, taking longer to digest and curbing your apetite in the process (many more benefits, this is only a summary). This man recommends a "Balsamic soda" with aged balsamic (the older the sweeter, while also the most expensive) I haven't tried this yet but I'm on my way 

2. Raw vegis before each meal! 

Many cultures do this, and it’s amazing!!! When you eat vegis, they (release? porduce? idk) pectin which, as this french girl described it, is a “webbing mesh which protects your gut from absorbing the upcoming sugars/starches too quickly”. Therefore, if you protect your gut with vegis before eating bread or cookies, the sugar in the food is not so easily absorbed so you’re not spiking your insulin and causing insulin to store the sugar in your fat cells. I am not a scientist and this may not be described exactly right, but the takeaway is the same. Eat raw vegis before meals. 

3. Vegies, then protein, then sugars 

For the reason stated above 

4. Walk after your meal 

Using your muscles during digestion redirects sugars into power sources for muscles, instead of depositing the sugars directly into your sitting fat cells. The french girl recommends calf lifts as a minimum, because there’s a muscle in the calf which absorbs sugars extra well. 

4. Olive oil! Even by the spoon-full. 

This fella says olive oil does not lose nutrients during cooking. He says if you eat enough, it will make the insides of your veins slippery and the collesteral can’t even stick to it. Enough olive oil so your bowel movements are lieka snake (he said it, not me!!) 

5. Mediteranian diet; goat/sheep cheese not cow cheese 

There’s more info on that in video. 

I am super jazzed about knowing this information and excited to share it with you. I hope you’ll watch these videos and determine for yourself how you can alter your lifestyle to protect yourself from alzheimers, heart disease, etc etc etc. 

Stay healthy! 
Dani Joy 


The Scary New Research On Sugar & How They Made You Addicted To It! Jessie Inchauspé 


The SHOCKING BENEFITS Of Vinegar In Your DIET! | Dr. Steven Gundry 


The DAILY HACKS To End Inflammation & Increase Your LIFESPAN | Dr. Steven Gundry 

When I “watch” youtube, I’m usually just listening through my headphones as I do chores. Taking a walk is another good way to take in this information (although a walk without diestractions and free mind wandering is nice too :) Speaking of, I’ve spent far too long perfecting this letter. It’s really time for that sunny walk.

January 2023

January: Drip...Drip...Drip... 

We recently had a winter freeze in Portland so our landlord asked us to leave our faucets dripping to avoid frozen pipes. I turned the kitchen faucet on to the tiniest drip possible. I left the bus-tub under the drip, curious to see how much water would be collected. To my utter shock, I awoke to the bus tub overflowing into the sink. I had underestimated the power of consistency. Drip.…Drip….Drip. 


“Most people overestimate what they can do in a day and under estimate what they can do in a year.” 


Publishing my writing is my new drip. What’s yours? 


Challenge:  Drip….Drip…..Drip….. 


Post your drip in the comments…