From the recording Drop in my Flower

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Drop in my Flower
I was 2 weeks into my 4 week trip around the globe. Sitting on the edge of the water in Kirribilli, just across the harbor from the Sydney Opera House, I had this sense of longing that felt unquenchable. Mind you, this was after 10 days in Maui and a week in Melbourne. I had already swam with turtles, ran with emus and shook the hand of a kangaroo. I’d watched penguins scampering out of the arctic waters at the tip of Australia too, and walked under trees full off parrot-esque rainbow birds. All of this, AND my next stop was cuddling lion cubs, feeding giraffes and searching for monkeys and elephants in South Africa for 2 weeks.
And yet, sitting on that water, with a fragrant white Plumeria flower in my hand, I had this unquenchable lust for more. More travel. More exploration. I could feel the heart inside my chest beating for the sea breeze of a past life, the cut of the sail, Adventure calling. “Take me away. Take me away, to that far off place where I’ll never stay long enough”.
I’ve had this urge, this longing since I was a child. I’ve always longed for Adventure, and the more I see, the more I want to see. Always one step further. Always one new person to meet, one new town to see, one new flower to smell and one new kindred spirit to resonate with.
With all of this flooding my heart, I wrote this poem there on the harbor, sail boats bobbing to the invisible beat. Once I was in South Africa, I sat in a cartoonly-stereotypical safari jeep, out in the bush, Kudu grazing around me, and there I decided on the upbeat rhythm. Daniel Ho took it all and added the coolest, funkiest bass line to it, bringing it to life!


I’m going down to the water
Drop in my flower
Watch the ebb & flow
Which way will it go?

May be rain and showers,
Or the suns ferocious power
Either way I’ll be soakin’
As I watch the water flowin’

Take me away,
Take me away,
To that far off place
Where I could never stay
Long enough.

All the ships in the harbor
Could sail a little farther
I’d gladly leave my home
How bad I ache to go

Take me away,
take me away
To that far off place
Where I could never stay….
Long enough
If for a moment or a day, you know
I could never stay…….
Long enough.