1. Darling Dream

From the recording Drop in my Flower

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Darling Dream
Dedicated to all the children of the world who feel pain, including the inner child inside of all of us. As a music teacher, I see the pain in peoples hearts, the childhood memories that keep them from exploring their creative side. The child inside is hiding, afraid to come out and play. This whole album is an expression of my inner mother & inner child combined. With these lyrics and my carefully chosen vocal inflections, I’m hoping to convey a sense of safety, a compassion that feeds deeply into the soul. I have to say, this is my favorite song on the album.


Hello, my love,
Why are you hiding my sweet little Dove…
Come let me show you…
You’ve cried enough
What if we laughed our tears away?

Open your wings
We’ll fly away to see
Magical things
Elephants dancing with
Lollipop trees
Marshmallow clouds that taste so sweet

You’ll be alright
All these monsters are shadows of night
Hear my lullaby Love,
Darling now sleep
Sleep and you’ll dream of the nights
When I held you

When you want to cry
Remember the dream world
Inside of your mind
And we can go there
Whenever you like
To swim in the sweet sunshine of Love….