Mood Swings concert/ Dani Joy & Perry Stauffer Ukulele workshop

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

The Strum Shop, 209 Lincoln St , Roseville Ca

5pm Ukulele Workshop; Blues Vocabulary Blues Vocabulary – This is one of Dani’s favorites. In this class, I teach five or six blues riffs along with how when and where to apply them. The long-term goal of this class is to get people to the point where they can develop their own vocabulary. In order to make them easier to remember, each riff has a name, such as: The bunny hop

The minor bunny hop

The yodel

Fly me to the Moon

Three’s Company

This is a beginning intermediate class. It is helpful if the students are familiar with the Nashville number system and tablature.

6pm: Mood Swings Concert Moody Swings Genre: Disney meets David Bowie in 1930 When you hear Dani Joy's velvet vocals, you’ll forget your worries and drift away on a cloud, through Latin rhythms and vintage throwbacks. accompanied by Jazz virtuoso Perry Stauffer who’s talent is only exceeded by his incredible good looks, The Mood Swings are guaranteed to play on your heart strings in all the right ways. Instrumentation; Ukulele, Bass, Octave Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele Dani Joy & Perry Stauffer will interchange all instruments.

Workshop; $15, Concert $25, Combo $40